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Dreamtime and Visionary Art Gallery

 Please click on titles of art to see enlarged pictures.   Most images are available as prints either hand embellished, hand-signed, and super high quality from me  or from at a much lesser price, still high quality.

"Appreciating Beauty, Emanating Love"

"When The Birds Were Flowers"

"That Wish Is Granted"

"Sanctuary At Bird Cave"

"The Cosmic Boat Arrives"

"Gathering At The Ice Cave"

"Cosmic Cats"

 "Mirrored Cat Angels"

"Healing Springs"

"White Spirit Bird"

"Invitation To The Bird Realm"      "Guardians Of The Temple" "Creating A Healing Garden"
"Earth Guardian"    "Moonlight Sorceress" "Celebration of Venus Rising"
Casper's Oak Tree Planetary Allignment for Dreamtime           Volcanoes

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