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Sculpture Gallery

Views of Missile Totem

Representing the third world emotional side of psyche Missile Totem Missile Totem
Missile Totem © IreneVincent
Size: 80"H x 24"W x 24"L
Acrylic is painted on carved plaster.
Price:15,000.00 US
The images of the past US President Reagon and the past Russian leader represent the over- masculine sides of power [too logical] and the third world countries are represented by the four breasted image, the over- feminine side [too emotional]. This equates to powers out of balance and thus thinking or feeling that they need missiles to kill off the human race. I painted images of primitive man in one to one combat where they still see their foe's eyes as humanity. As the abstract formulas evolved to develop the missiles, so did the millions of victims become abstract and anihilated at the push of a button. To transform this totem into prayer for peace, I painted tantric symbols of the elements that we are all made of, I painted words of love and gratefulness in Russian and English, I have human pictographs holding hands going around heads and up to point to represent unity and oneness of the humanity. OM Shnati, Shanti, Shanti. OM. Peace, Peace, Peace.

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