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Dreamtime & Visionary Art

Art Inspired From Dreams and Wake-time
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Planetary Alignment for Dream Time     2003 © Irene Vincent
48"H x 36"W, Oil Paint on Canvas, Original Painting $6,000.00 USA

Available: Gicle'e Prints: These prints are printed with archival inks by an Epsom 7600 printer onto archival canvas and then protected with two layers of varnish with uv protection, hand embellished with oil paint, hand signed  and then a final layer of varnishes added. Image wrapped with 3/4" edges.  Check with artist for sizes.

Relax and let your imagination take flight when you grace your wall with a colorful mystical-fantasy image by Irene Vincent. Art has the power to heal and take your thinking out of the box so you can resolve ordinary everyday problems with new solutions.

Off Set Poster Print - Image Size 13.3"H x 10" W on a 16" x 12" Glossy Paper - $30.00 USA

In the US, Shipping and Handling for the poster is $5.95

In the US, Shipping and Handling for The Gicle'e on Stretched Canvas is $57.00

For shipping anywhere else, you must email  me first to get price.

The Original is available for sale, but you must let me know where it has to be shipped to for me to calculate the cost of shipping.

Inspirations for “Planetary Alignment for Dream Time” by Irene Vincent. 

Two Dreams inspired the image for my painting “Planetary Alignment for Dream Time.” Also, every day life inspired the dreams. During a vacation in Guatemala I traveled to the Mayan Ruins at Tikal. The jungle that engulfs the ruins adds to their mystery and beauty. As I traveled through Guatemala I felt such a deep love for Mother Earth and for the indigenous people in their colorful clothing. I wished for the continuing of their traditions. The day after I arrived back in the U.S., I became ill with a debilitating flu. After three weeks of suffering, I said God, “Just let me die, I surrender.” That evening when I feel asleep, I dreamt that I was up a thousand feet in the sky standing on a disk supported by a pole. When I looked down, I could see the beautiful red rocks of a desert. I was a bit scared. Across from me on another disk was an old Indian Shaman. He held out his hand for me to touch. I hesitated. He said to me, “Do you think that I would let you die? Trust me.” So I gently reached for his hand. As our hands touched, we were suddenly down on the desert floor sitting in a circle of shamans. One shaman was passing me a peace pipe. As I looked around, I realized that they were all men. I got scared and thought that I had invaded their dreamtime. Then the old Shaman said to me that I was one of them.
The next day when I awoke I felt healed. I was so excited that I searched my bookshelf for a book that I had on Shamans for some future date to read. I remembered it had pictures in it of some tribal shamans. The image of the shaman from my dream was so vivid. I found his picture in the book and it said that he had come to the U.S. to speak to members of the United Nations about taking care of Mother Earth. He was from the Huichol tribe and I read that all the members of the tribe are welcome to be a shaman in that they create sacred art and prayer art for a time period. It was a tribe where all members shared a sacred equality. I remembered in the dream how it was ok for me to be in a circle with male shamans. I also thought that it was my deep love for the people and their land that drew this wonderful being into my dream or me into his dream. Now I was compelled to paint an image of this dream.
So the painting started with a female in the sky reaching out her hand to an elderly shaman. I painted the red rocks of the desert below with the shamans sitting in a circle. The painting got started, but then it was packed away for over a year when I moved to New Mexico. When I moved back to CA, I developed a frozen shoulder and couldn’t paint for 1-½ years. Finally, I was painting again. I felt a strong urge in 2003 to finish the painting. Now I wanted to paint the man young and have his hand on her heart and her hand on his heart. The painting was about trust, especially since the shaman said for me to trust him. I was having trouble finishing the painting because people were showing up in my life that I had a difficult time trusting. Then I realized that it was “The Most High” or the “Cosmic Universe” that I needed to trust. I needed to surrender to divine grace. I also couldn’t understand why the image of the painting was changing. Then one day during a drive I decided to record my thoughts on the painting. I had a revelation. I remembered that some time after the first dream, that I had another dream. Before I went to bed that evening, I asked God, “Couldn’t I do some work for you while I am sleeping? Could my sleep time be useful to the universe?”
That night I dreamt that a young man was distraught and crying. I asked him what was wrong. He said that his girlfriend left him and he was depressed. I talked with him and then asked him if he would like to be healed? He said yes. So I put my hand on his heart and let the cosmic energy flow through me. He became happy.
The next morning I woke up feeling good. I went to work. At lunchtime, I went to a restaurant where I sat at a table where the next table was close by. I started talking to a young man sitting near me. He asked me if I knew anything about dreams? I said that I had studied dreams and paid attention to them. Then he proceeded to tell me that a few days ago his girlfriend left him and he had felt distraught. Then a woman appeared in his dream, counseled him and gave him some kind of healing energy. He said that he felt better. I encouraged him to listen to his dreams and to write them down in order to give his life a new focus. I felt emotionally grateful that the universe was confirming to me that there was a conscious reality to nighttime dreaming which transcends time and space. So now I knew why the image in the painting changed. It represented a full cycle. The shaman came in my dream to help me and I went into the young man’s dream to help him. The gift or grace was passed along. By painting the painting I was reminded of the mystery in dreams and to trust in “The Most High”. I hope that the painting some how draws those who view it into the beauty and mystery of other realities and into dreamtime.
May the “Divine Cosmos” bless you!

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