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Large Mystical Paintings

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"Seeking Oneness"   ©  Irene Vincent 1986, 12' Equilateral Triangle made up of 7  Stretched Canvases Bolted Together.  
This image depicts the sacred marriage. This alchemical marriage shows the physical male and female figures aspiring to be together and symbolizes our inner journey as we merge the inner male and female spirit, becoming one with the universe.
The original painting is acrylic paint, sand and paper on raw canvas. It is a 12 foot equilateral triangular painting made of 7 canvases bolted together. The original is for sale. Email inquiries.    See Youtube:  Seeking Oneness by Irene Vincent
Each high quality Gicle'e Print is printed on Arches 260 Paper or on  Archival Canvas. Gicle'es on canvas have two coats of varnish, hand embellished, and a final coat of varnish. Each  Gicle'e comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity". Sizes are exact image sizes. Add approximately 3" borders for each print on paper. The total number of prints in all editions is 240.     All Gicle'es are 20% off for a limited time.
Unframed Prints 27" x 31" On Paper
15 Numbered and Signed $375.00
3 Artist Proofs $400
5 Remarques $550.00
Unframed Prints 18.5" x 18.5"
75 Numbered and Signed $250.00
 3Artist Proofs $275
5 Remarques $400.00
Framed & Double Matted Art Gilcle'e Prints by Irene Vincent
(These Prints are all framed in a triangular shape)
40"H x 46"L ** 27"H x 31"L ** AP 1/3 ** Natural Wood w/Lacquer ** $675.00

40"H x 45.5 "L ** 27"H x 31"L ** RM 1/5 ** Rounded Wood w/Lapis Blue Lacquer ** $995.00

32"H x 35"L ** 17"H x 20"L ** AP 1/3 ** Natural Wood w/Lacquer ** $450.00

32"H x 35"L ** 17"H x 20"L ** ED 1/75 ** Natural Wood w/Lacquer ** $419.00

Next Image - Divine Ecstasy